I have been helping in various capacities with Agile Games for 3 years and can tell you that without a doubt that this conference is like no other I have been to.  The positive energy emitted by all those there; the Presenters, The Volunteer Staff and Attendees is amazing!  Not only that, it is repeatable!  This year we started registration before we even had a program and presenters lined up, and people registered.  We kept group rates static throughout the sales period to allow teams to sign up at the last responsible moment - and they came!  We also had more than double the number of Presenters from last year without raising ticket prices.  Have we perfected the Agile Games Conference?  Hardly!  Feedback is king, and we have a lot to process; inspect and adapt is a core principle, right?

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event, many people gave up a lot of their personal time volunteering and I appreciate that.  Most of us will need to "catch our breath" after an incredible 3 days, before starting preparations for next year.

Here is a collection of photos from an attendee, Markus Silpala @msilpala
David Koontz posted materials from his Workshop session Cultivating Collaboration on his blog here
Presenter Mariya Breyter wrote a blog post on here experiences at this years Agile Games.
Mike Bowler was interviewed by InfoQ about his Workshop session Agile Technical Practices in Lego and game instructions can be found here
The Open Space Proceedings for 2016 (and 2015 too) can be found here.
Currently we plan on next year’s Agile Games to be at the same location April 3-5, 2017 (note the date move!).  We also intend to bring back Mob Programming back-to-back to Agile Games again. Stay tuned!
Tom Woundy
Agile Games 2016 Co-Product Owner
Agile New England President

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Come meet the presenters and your fellow attendees

We are having our evening reception at Meadhall on opening night, Thursday April 28 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. It's a great place to enjoy free food and drink, network, and get to know the presenters and attendees better.

It is a 9 minute walk, they're at 4 Cambridge Center.  For walking directions from Microsoft NERD center, click here.


We are so excited to finally announce this!

What an amazing line-up this year!

Some simple stats:

Just click over to the Program and Presenters tabs and see for yourself!


Tonya LeBel of Cimpress recently interviewed David Reichert of Vistaprint about his experience at Agile Games.

Whether you are new to agile or a seasoned agile practitioner, the Agile Games conference will help you uncover the value of playing games to teach others about agility.  Why games?  According to David Reichert, Technology Manager and Scrum Master at Cimpress, “games create the right environment for conversations to happen”.  During the conference, Dave was exposed to several games and gamification strategies, including Lego Serious Play.  Once back in the office, Dave started facilitating and customizing the games he learned to teach scrum for new teams and Kanban versus scrum. 

Interested in sharing a game or a workshop related to designing, facilitating and/or debriefing games?

We are accepting presenter proposals through Friday, January 29, 2016 - you can also use the following link to check out the ideas that have been submitted to see what kinds of sessions may be selected for the conference program - http://www.confengine.com/agile-games-2016

Register Now at Eventbrite! 


Do you have a training budget? Do you control the purse strings, or have influence who does?

You have sent your teams to Agile seminars and technical classes before. There's learning, but it's not exciting, and the lessons learned don't always stick.

You hire Agile coaches to help improve your teams' Agile, Kanban, or Lean skills.  There's learning, but it's not always remembered, or worse yet, put to good use after the coaches leave.

Why not try something different?