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Do you have a training budget? Do you control the purse strings, or have influence who does?

You have sent your teams to Agile seminars and technical classes before. There's learning, but it's not exciting, and the lessons learned don't always stick.

You hire Agile coaches to help improve your teams' Agile, Kanban, or Lean skills.  There's learning, but it's not always remembered, or worse yet, put to good use after the coaches leave.

Why not try something different?


Bring your teams to Agile Games!

Give them a fun and rewarding experience where they will learn valuable skills, make new friends, and come back as  energized teams. And, most importantly, they will remember what they learned because they had fun while they were absorbing the experience of learning in a game environment.

Bring your teams! Take advantage of attractive Group Rates.


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Prior attendees to Agile Games New England know how passionate we are and the pride we take in our conferences. Our goal is to host a world class conference that encourages learning and brings people and teams together. Learn in a creative conference structure with interesting presenters, delicious food, and a great venue - the Microsoft NERD Center.

Save about 10% if you register for both Agile Games 2016 and Mob Programming Conferences at the same time!