Tonya LeBel of Cimpress recently interviewed David Reichert of Vistaprint about his experience at Agile Games.

Whether you are new to agile or a seasoned agile practitioner, the Agile Games conference will help you uncover the value of playing games to teach others about agility.  Why games?  According to David Reichert, Technology Manager and Scrum Master at Cimpress, “games create the right environment for conversations to happen”.  During the conference, Dave was exposed to several games and gamification strategies, including Lego Serious Play.  Once back in the office, Dave started facilitating and customizing the games he learned to teach scrum for new teams and Kanban versus scrum. 

But it’s more than just learning specific games.  The real value of the Agile Games, according to Dave, is reflecting on the sessions with your peers; how it was facilitated, what levers can be adjusted, and in which situations each technique is likely to be most impactful.  At last year’s Agile Games, Dave connected with other agile enthusiasts from around the globe.  The participant diversity in agile experience, industry, and geography helped provide new perspectives.  Since last year’s Agile Games, Dave has modified and applied several of the games he learned at the conference to influence multiple tribes at Cimpress.  Want to meet Dave?  Sign up for Agile Games 2016!  He’ll be there.