Agile Games 2016Games to collaborate and learn across all levels of the organization

A successful agile organization is one that is continually learning and adapting in all facets of the business and the technology that enables it, so why should we limit games intended to promote learning, discovery and innovation to just the members of agile teams?

With the 2016 edition of the Agile Games Conference, we are going to explore games that will encourage and inspire collaboration and learning both within and between an organization’s roles, teams and workgroups.

Sessions presented at prior Agile Games conferences have demonstrated how to use games and experiential activities to create effective learning environments, help identify and diagnose problems and impediments, and enable groups to collaborate and discover innovative ideas for process improvement, team / organizational structure, and product design. We expect to offer a variety of hands-on sessions at the 2016 conference that focus on how to apply collaborative frameworks and games to support these types of scenarios.

Our program will begin with 2 days of scheduled presentations, workshops and games selected from an open submission process and end with an open space to allow for additional creation and exploration of new ideas discovered or created at the conference.

Come be part of this fun, hands-on and thought-provoking conference - you’ll leave with the knowledge to facilitate a variety of games and activities and gain practical ideas that you can start to apply in your team, workgroup or organization right away!