This is Your Brain.

This is Your Brain on Agile Games.

The Neurology of Effective Learning 

Presented by: Laura Powers

The Agile Apocalypse has already happened. Agile workshops from Boston to Bangalore have been overrun by Agile Zombies whose brains exploded from too much Powerpoint. 
Fortunately, there is a ray of hope. A small band of Agilists have discovered a more humane way to teach. Games, simulations, and interactive exercises revive the brains of Powerpoint Zombies - leading to better learning that sticks.

Games for Political Expression

Presented by: Michael de la Maza

The goal of this workshop is to create games about politics that will be played by at least 100,000 people before the U.S. political election.
We will begin with a group discussion of the current political situation (e.g., who is leading?) and relevant frameworks such as Laloux's Reinventing Organizations and Boal's political theatre. We will introduce the game creation recipe created by Chris Sims and Laura Powers and presented at Agile Games 2014
We will then break into groups and create games. We will end by selecting a game that the entire group will promote throughout the country.

Spark engagement and participation in a SAFe Scaled Agile Implementation using Online Games

Presented by: Yuval Yeret


People keep saying SAFe is a very prescriptive methodology with zero room for engagement and participation. In this session we will uncover the many opportunities for participation/games in a Scaled Agile implementation. We will also share Kahoot - a useful game platform I've been using in recent years to quickly drive participation with large groups.