Spark engagement and participation in a SAFe Scaled Agile Implementation using Online Games

Presented by: Yuval Yeret


People keep saying SAFe is a very prescriptive methodology with zero room for engagement and participation. In this session we will uncover the many opportunities for participation/games in a Scaled Agile implementation. We will also share Kahoot - a useful game platform I've been using in recent years to quickly drive participation with large groups.
Kahoot is an awesome online Quiz/Discussion/Survey tool that is free and easy to both setup and use. We will use Kahoot to learn and experience a couple of the key activities in a Scaled Agile implementation - Planning an implementation, Generating Buy-in, Prioritizing Features, Estimating Features, Gauging confidence for plans, Managing risks, Retrospecting a session and more.
Using the SAFe/Scaled Agile context we will experience both a couple of ready games as well as the full cycle of game thinking/design from identifying need/purpose all the way thru creating an outline, the questions, and running and debriefing so you can use it on your own.
Along the way you will also learn and experience some aspects of SAFe(tm) - The Scaled Agile Framework.