Presented by: Steve Martin

Collaboration is essential for any project or program success, especially in Agile. In this session, we’ll take a slight twist to the traditional airplane folding game. The intent is to highlight the importance of transitioning away from “throwing the requirements over the wall” to a group of people that have been deemed by above to be a team (but are really just a bunch of folks sitting next to each other not really working together as a team). Instead, we’ll see how truly collaborating together and focusing in on a common goal not only helps improve throughput but joy and satisfaction as well.
The best thing about this exercise is that it’s short (only takes 20-30 mins), completely scalable, only requires standard paper out of a printer/copier (which most companies have...), and can include virtual teams (where you have at least a pair of folks at other sites/locations).
It’s fun. It’s loud. It’s energizing. And the participants leave with deep understanding that the status quo of communicating only through written directions does not get them as far as they think.