Engagement Starts with You

Presented by: Josh Grob

Month after month, year after year Gallup reports that over 70% of employees are disengaged.  On the other hand studies from the Standish Group (Chaos 2014) and Emotional Intelligence work by Daniel Goleman repeatedly show that engaged, highly productive teams have deep emotional connections. In order to make positive team progress it is clear that it is up to the individual to become self aware of their current emotional state and feel comfortable sharing that with the team.  This game provides a simple, low tech, approach to identify the reasons behind one’s emotional state, and how to use that knowledge to engage with his/her team.  As importantly, it strongly encourages the player to ask for help, increasing that person’s emotional connection with someone else.  This game is based on the Check-in Core Protocol originated by Michele and Jim McCarthy, and looks inward so that the individual gains self-awareness.