Agile: The Gathering

An Interactive Card Game to Promote Agile Culture

Presented by: Nathan Robbel

It is a dark time for Agile teams. They've become... comfortable. Stuck in their ways. They talk the talk, but walking the walk of continuous improvement has been forgotten countless sprints ago. The Principles of Agile used to ring true, but now few team members can recite more than one of them. Can nothing be done? Are these teams doomed to an endless cycle of complacency?  
There's a beacon in the dark. A game that reinvigorates, renews hope, and spreads creativity and the Agile Manifesto across the land. Enter Agile: The Gathering.  
In an attempt to reinvigorate Agile teams, encourage learning, and support cross-team communication, the Agile coaches at HERE (Maps & Location Content) developed Agile: The Gathering, a trading card game that is modeled strongly on the McDonalds Monopoly game concept, but with modified rules that applied to our circumstances. In this presentation/case-study, we will share our process of creating this game, customizing it for our company's specific needs, and report on how we benefited by gamifying the learning process for our company and kick-started some teams to bettering themselves.