What if you could create your own Agile Games conference?

Facilitated by Deb Pontes


Open Space Proceedings



On the third day of the conference, during Open Space, we'll shed all nonessentials. We'll do away with scheduled talks and the structure of tracks, and like any good Agilist we'll focus on what really matters: people. We'll set ourselves free from constraints and build the perfect day together.

Up for an energetic discussion? Curious about a specific subject? Want to play a game? Open Space is your chance to engage with others in whatever way seems best. Lead a discussion, play a game, listen pensively, jump around from room to room, or mingle in the hall. You’re free to do whatever works best for you! If you’ve never attended an Open Space, it’s not to be missed — experience the magic in the freedom of spontaneous collaboration.

Bring: your ideas, concerns, and challenges

Find: your friends, mentors, and collaborators

Leave with: a plan, purpose, and even more passion than you arrived with