The Creativity Game

Presented by: Mariya Breyter

To give a creative answer, you need an unusual question, the question that encourages you to think differently, answer the question that is not expected, or not framed the way you are used to. This is what my Creativity Game is all about: framing expected environment in an unexpected way. The principle is: "When you want the results you never had, you have to do something you've never done." (Thomas Jefferson) This is exactly what we do in this game: first, we co-create an unusual and unexpected environment using a crowd-sourcing technique, and then, we frame and resolve the challenges of this environment by coming up with unexpected and innovative solutions to the issues presented.
In doing so, we exhibit creativity, innovative thinking, ability to resolve obstacles, and have a ton of fun. I've never heard so much laughter in a professional environment as with people who are playing this game. It's based on an old kids' game and promotes solution-based approach to problem solving, presenting it in a new and unexpected way.
The way the problem is crowd-sourced is fun, and the problems that it uncovers are unexpected and not trivial. Framing and solving them within this game is an unexpected process which always brings great advice that the participants can take back to their organizations and teams, as well as use the game itself in their organizations to bring out the creativity we all naturally have.